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Health Services is comprised of two full time School Nurse Coordinators and a full time school nurse position in each school except Career Tech and the Alternative School. Health Services is under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services. The School Nurse Coordinators are housed in the ECC building of the School Board Office.

The School Nurse Coordinators are registered nurses whose responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Overseeing the delivery of healthcare in each school by the school nurse
  • Providing supervision of the school nurses
  • Training and updates for the computer health system
  • Coordinating and teaching classes for CPR & First Aid (3 people in each school), Medication Administration (at least 2 in each school) and the Administration of Insulin & Glucagon (at least 2 in each school)
  • Attending special education eligibility meetings when requested
  • Coordinating and implementing the VHSL requirements as related to the wrestling program
  • Coordinating and attending vaccination/immunization clinics in the schools in conjunction with the local health department
  • Orientation of new personnel (substitute nurses and full time nurses)
  • Updating training and protocol manuals used by the school nurses
  • Submit reports as required by the Virginia Department of Education
  • Work in conjunction with the epidemiologist at the Virginia Department of Health regarding illness and vaccine-preventable diseases

The full time school nurse position is filled by a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse. Responsibilities include:

  • Administering medications to the students and providing care to the ill or injured
  • Performing vision and hearing screenings as required by state mandates
  • Reviewing physical and immunization records of students
  • Maintaining up to date student health records, including immunizations
  • Documenting daily student encounters on the computer health system
  • Assess students for communicable illnesses and diseases
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Gather statistics for reports required by the Virginia Department of Education, i.e. vision & hearing, immunizations and chronic health conditions
  • Communicate with and educate parents on student illnesses
  • Work closely with the epidemiologist, Virginia Department of Health and track student clinic visits regarding communicable illness and disease, i.e. flu, strep and vaccine-preventable diseases